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Mar 09

Sierra Shoopman Participates in Relay for Life

Relay for Life, an overnight fundraising event, is sponsored annually by the American Cancer Society. Sierra Shoopman has participated in Relay for Life at least 12 times, including during her high school years and while she was a student at the University of Washington in Seattle.

Relay for life has roots in Sierra’s home state of Washington, as the first race took place in Tacoma in 1985. Since that time, Relay for Life has earned more than $4 billion. Today, hundreds of races are held across the United States. In addition, global relays are held in 20 countries around the world. Community relays generally take place at fairgrounds, parks, or schools. The Cancer Society also hosts college and high school relays, as well as Bark for Life, an event that celebrates canine companions. Each relay begins with a “Survivor Lap,” when cancer survivors have the opportunity to walk a lap to celebrate their victor, followed by a “Caregiver’s Lap,” which recognizes those who provide care, and have provided care, to cancer patients.

Jan 06

"Stream Team of Thurston County Helps Preserve Washington’s Waterways," by Sierra Shoopman

Founded in 1990 and based on a model put forth by Bellevue, Washington, the Stream Team brings together the cities of Olympia, Lacey, and Tumwater in preservation of Thurston County’s water resources. The organization’s inaugural effort involved cleaning up Indian Creek, but in the 20 years since that initial project, the Stream Team grew to involve hundreds of volunteers across several jurisdictions. Those volunteers include individual participants, families, and delegations from affiliated community organizations. 

The Stream Team currently partners with the Native Plant Salvage Project, an initiative that promotes native plant education and landscaping. Moreover, the organization involves itself in scientific progress, helping professionals from the University of Washington monitor invertebrate life forms and including the data in official water quality reports. 

Interested individuals can read more about the Stream Team’s current projects, learn about local wetland wildlife, and browse flexible volunteer opportunities at

Sierra Shoopman, a recent Bachelor of Science in Biology recipient from Seattle’s University of Washington, participated in Stream Team activities centered on habitat restoration and storm drain identification. 

Nov 17

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